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A man upset with his parents because he claimed they “put a hit out on him” was arrested by Phoenix police on suspicion of killing his mother by nearly decapitating her with a kitchen knife, according to court records.

Maggie Chiquito, 63, and her husband, Larry Chiquito, 64, had brought their 31-year-old son, Marlow Chiquito, to Phoenix from Flagstaff on May 2 to visit with family, the court records said. The man is described as a transient in the court documents.

On May 4, Phoenix police were called to a residence near Cave Creek and Thunderbird roads about 5 p.m., for “unknown trouble,” the court records said.

Officers “discovered Maggie lying in a reclining chair in the living room with a fatal cut to her neck” and a knife in her hand, the court documents said.

Larry Chiquito told police that he and his wife were in a heated argument with their son earlier, which caused Larry to leave so he could calm down, the court records said.

Court documents said that when Larry Chiquito returned from his walk 30 minutes later, he discovered his wife with her throat cut sitting in her chair and Marlow gone from the home.

Larry Chiquito called 911, but Phoenix fire officials pronounced the woman dead at the scene, court records said.

A short time after that, Phoenix police found Marlow Chiquito walking along the street near the residence, yelling, court records said. The man was not wearing a shirt but officers saw blood on his pants, court records said.

According to the court documents, police initially had the man undergo a mental-health evaluation. He later was placed under arrest, court records said.

During questioning by police, Marlow Chiquito admitted that he “cut his mother’s head off while inside the apartment because she put a hit on him,” the court documents said, adding that Marlow admitted using a knife from the kitchen.

Phoenix police said in the court records that Marlow admitted to “drinking a fifth of vodka and using methamphetamine prior to the murder.”

He told police that he was thirsty afterward, so he walked to a convenience store to get some water. He told police that during that walk, he took off his shirt and jacket and left them at a nearby dumpster because they were “covered with his mother’s blood,” the court records said. 

The man also told police that his mother had been awake and sitting when he began “cutting her head off,” the court records said. In that same statement, Marlow told investigators that despite his mother telling “him to stop,” he continued, the court records said.

Marlow Chiquito is being held in a Maricopa County jail on a first-degree murder charge with bond set at $1 million, court records said. He is expected to be back in court on May 15. 

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