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Two people have been arrested on suspicion of fraud and theft as part of an investigation into a possible homicide that another person admitted to while in custody in Washington state, Phoenix police said.

George Reed, 48, and Teniqua Reed, 24, were arrested and booked Tuesday for investigation of fraudulent schemes, credit-card theft and theft of property, said Phoenix police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune.

They are suspected of stealing money from a bank account belonging to Darren Van Eaton, 54, of Phoenix, who police suspect was killed in December 2014, Fortune said.

Police suspect the Reeds used his identity to withdraw money from his bank account that was tied to his Social Security disability checks.

The man’s death had never been reported to Phoenix police until Feb. 10 of this year, when detectives from Whatcom County, Washington, contacted the department regarding a Phoenix murder they learned about from a man they had in custody, Fortune said.

That man, identified as Craig M. Strong, 23, was being held in connection with unrelated charges. He admitted to the Washington detectives he had been involved in a 2014 homicide and provided a location for the victim’s remains, in the area of 4300 W. Thomas Road, Fortune said.

A few days later, a search was conducted and the remains found, which later were identified as those of Eaton’s, Fortune said.

Phoenix detectives later learned the Reeds were withdrawing money from the man’s account, Fortune said. George Reed already was in custody for an unrelated crime, but was booked Tuesday in connection with the Eaton investigation along with Teniqua Reed, Fortune said.

Police did not immediately specify the relationship between the two suspects.

Fortune said Phoenix police will work with Whatcom County authorities to transfer Strong to Arizona.

The investigation into the case is ongoing, Fortune said.

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