A young pro-Trump support group held a “Red, White and Blue Unity Rally” outside the Arizona Capitol in Phoenix on Saturday to call for unity among all the political parties.

More than 50 people attended the United Liberty Coalition’s first rally. The group was established about a month ago, said Tamela Hyatt, who serves as secretary and helps with public relations.

“There’s so much great about America,” Hyatt said. “The point of this is really to celebrate America and come together again.”

Many people there said they could feel the divide between political parties. Some food trucks stopped by the event and Hyatt said one left after seeing it was a pro-Trump rally.

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinions and I understand that, but how are we going to heal what hurts our country right now if we’re not willing to talk with each other or socialize?” she asked.

More than a dozen people were scheduled to speak at the event, and they addressed a range of topics, including immigration, the Constitution and celebrating veterans and law enforcement. Bobby Lawrence called for action against the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which proposes to make the popular vote count more in presidential elections.

Kelli Ward, a former Republican state lawmaker who ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate against John McCain and is again running for Senate in 2018, spoke in favor of Trump on many topics, including border security, cutting taxes and impeaching “activist judges.”

While not all speeches involved unity, spectators on the grassy field in front of the podium said it was the reason they came.

“It feels like there’s been so much division in our country lately, this left versus right,” said Russell Jaffe. “What we’re trying to do is rally everybody together on the principles our country was founded on.”

He said he believes everyone agrees on the basic principles, including individual freedoms and the right to make your own decisions.

“There was a time in our country where you could have well-meaning people have difference of opinion but all believe in the same thing, and it feels like we’ve maybe lost that a little bit,” Jaffe said.

Eric Gotchie said he believes unity could come from research and learning the issues. He used immigration as an example, saying that every president before Trump has deported undocumented immigrants and didn’t get the same backlash.

“Everybody’s just so one-sided without opening up their minds to everything else,” he said. “…For you to be anti-Trump, learn facts about everything before you just hear one thing and then automatically just attack Trump because of it.”

Jaffe said the group isn’t planning to have another rally until the weather cools down this fall, but the group will continue trying to recruit members and spread its messages.

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