Arizona is home to adventure. And from urban excursions to outdoor expeditions, XAZ helps you explore. Become a member at no cost.

The shopping experience at has expanded beyond cool Arizona-themed items to include all sorts of gadgets, games, classes, gifts and other fun items.

The XAZ store has been available since the fall. It features the stunning landscape images by Arizona Republic photographers on T-shirts, leggings, tank-tops, pillows and even onesies for infants. Members of the XAZ membership club get a 15 percent discount on all purchase of Arizona-themed items.

The store expansion means broader options for consumers, said Timothy Otis, consumer brand manager at Republic Media.

“We want to offer a variety of products at great prices. In addition to locally-inspired products such as XAZ,” he said.

Products at are discounted from the suggested retail cost through an arrangement with Stack Commerce, Republic Media’s partner in the store.

Specifically, the categories at are:

  • Lifestyle — Home and garden items, bathroom and kitchen accessories, luggage.
  • Gadgets — Gaming, auto accessories, mobile phone devices, power cords, speakers, home theater equipment.
  • Online Courses — Learn how to play poker, be a DJ, master Salesforce and Excel, take photos and get a beach body.
  • XAZ — The work of Arizona Republic photographers featured on a wide range of products. 

With Father’s Day approaching, here are five gift ideas for dad that you can find at


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