Two former Mountain Ridge High School students are accused of sexually assaulting a fellow member of the wrestling team during an out-of-town tournament in December, officials said.

The Glendale Police Department told The Arizona Republic on Tuesday it is aware of a reported incident that occurred in Holbrook in December. Two team members reportedly sexually assaulted another juvenile student, said Sgt. Scott Waite, a Glendale police spokesman.

The school’s wrestling team was in Holbrook the first week of December for the Pat Kenny Invitational, according to the school’s athletic calendar.

The two accused students were disciplined by school officials and are no longer at the Glendale school, according to Monica Allread, a spokeswoman for the Deer Valley Unified School District.

Allegations surfaced, Allread said, when the guardian of the teen who said he was attacked contacted the school administration more than a week after the trip. Administrators immediately contacted the school resource officer, who assisted the guardian in making a police report.

Allread said the wrestling coach was then notified. The coach had not been aware of a situation until after the guardian reported it to the school administration, she said.

Administrators contacted every parent who had a wrestler in the program and made parents aware that there was a serious incident and that school officials had taken the appropriate action and disciplinary consequences, according to the school district.

“Corrective actions have been taken that include: more character education for our student-athletes, intentional room assignments when traveling for athletics/activities, and increased education to student-athletes on all of the systems for reporting any actions that compromise the safety of themselves or others,” Allread said.

Waite said Glendale police received a report of the incident, forwarded the information to the Holbrook Police Department and assisted in their investigation.

Holbrook police said they have submitted the case to the Navajo County Juvenile Court System, but they did not provide additional details Tuesday afternoon.

Waite said records would not be provided until Wednesday morning.

“We will continue to help Holbrook PD and the Deer Valley (Unified) School District in whatever ways we can,” Waite said.

The investigation comes a few weeks after members of the football team at Hamilton High School in Chandler were arrested in connection with sexual assaults on teammates at the campus.

Three juveniles have been charged in connection with the assaults, including one who has been charged as an adult.

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