On this week’s podcast:

• A listener from Michigan is honoring her mother who taught her how to sew by constructing a custom tabletop for sewing projects. However, the paint is beginning to lose its luster. Danny and Joe talk about why this may be happening and what she can do to fix it.

• A homeowner wants to add a timeless look to her kitchen island with board and batten siding. Before she gets started she wants to familiarize herself with spacing measurements between the boards.

• Listen to learn a great way to terrace a yard with a slope.
• Joe has a simple solution on how to expertly spray paint small items and not have paint spray all over the place.

Question of the Week:

Mary-Ann from Wisconsin writes, “How do you repair chips out of baseboards? This is from a 100yr house with a dark stain. Also, how do you remove grime from hand railing with the same dark stain? I really enjoy the show, and love taking on small repairs.”

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