New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson announced on Sunday that starting pitcher Matt Harvey is being suspended for three days for a violation of team rules.

NEW YORK — Matt Harvey showed up Tuesday afternoon at Citi Field, rejoining the Mets for the first time since his three-game suspension for missing Saturday’s game. It put the spotlight on the pitcher again after a tumultuous long weekend away.

Harvey admitted he had stayed out late Friday night and then played golf Saturday morning, which all led to him not coming to the ballpark that afternoon. Harvey apologized to the Mets Tuesday then came out for a public mea culpa.

“I’m extremely embarrassed for my actions,” Harvey said. “I’m looking forward to getting things back on track and doing everything to help this team win.”

Harvey has the right to file a grievance through the players union against the suspension, but did not say whether he would or not, saying it was no on his mind at this point.

It was not the first time Harvey has had to explain and apologize for his tardiness. He arrived late for a workout prior to the 2015 postseason and professed he wouldn’t do that again. Tuesday, he sat in the same place and offered his contrition for doing it again.

“I think people make mistakes,” he said. “I made another mistake.”

The incident and the suspension were the latest rough patch for Harvey this year. He has a 5.14 ERA this season after missing the second half of last season. Now comes another blight on his record.

“I understand that every way you can look at this situation it’s completely my fault,” Harvey said. “There’s only one thing I can do and that’s apologize and sincerely mean that.”

He added: “It’s obviously hasn’t been an ideal three days for me or for anybody and the last thing I ever want to do again is put me or this team in this type of situation.”

The Mets, at least in the moment, have been accepting of Harvey’s apology and his return. His teammates said they are welcoming him back with open arms. Bartolo Colon, now with the Braves, texted Harvey. But manager Terry Collins says it will be incumbent on Harvey to prove himself.

“I told him he needs to make baseball No. 1,” Collins said. “When he did that he was on top of the world.”