The 2016-17 Arizona high school athletic year provided some incredible individual feats and amazing team accomplishments.

It has also provided the continuation of a couple of dynasties.

The Phoenix Brophy Prep boys swimming has now won 29 straight state championships.


Not too far behind is Keams Canyon Hopi High, which has now won 27 consecutive state championships in boys cross country.

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Both of those streaks are very impressive.

In fact, they are the two longest streaks of consecutive state championships in Arizona history.


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Take a look at the 11 longest streaks of consecutive state championships in Arizona history.

Why 11?

That’s how many streaks there have been of an Arizona high school team winning at least 10 consecutive high school state championships.

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It’s an elite list.

No. 1 – 29 consecutive state titles (active streak)

Phoenix Brophy Prep boys swimming: School won titles from 1988-2016. 2010-16 titles came in Division I. 2005-09 titles came in 5A-I. 1988-2004 titles came in 5A.

No. 2 – 27 consecutive state titles (active streak)

Keams Canyon Hopi boys cross country: School won 1A/2A titles from 1990-2000, 3A titles from 2001-06, 1A/2A titles from 2007-09 and Division IV titles from 2010-16. Every title came under coach Rick Baker.

No. 3 – 16 consecutive state titles

Phoenix Xavier Prep girls golf: Sister Lynn Winsor led school to 5A state titles from 1980-95 as her team often routed the competition.

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No. 4 – 15 consecutive state titles

Chandler Valley Christian girls track: Under coach Dan Kuiper, school won 2A titles from 1996-2010.

No. 5 – 14 consecutive state titles

Tucson Sunnyside wrestling: Won 5A titles in 1998-99. Won 4A titles from 2000-05. Took home 5A-II titles from 2006-10. Won Division I title in 2011.

No. 6 – 13 consecutive state titles

Phoenix Xavier Prep girls swimming: Won 1999 5A title under Gerry Seaquist and then won 2000-04 5A titles under Jeff Seaquist. Also took home 5A-I titles from 2005-09 and Div. I titles from 2010-12.

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No. 6 – 13 consecutive state titles

Safford girls track: School won 3A titles from 1986-98 under coach Herman Andrews.

No. 8 – 12 consecutive state titles

Phoenix Xavier Prep girls golf: School won 5A titles under Sister Lynn Winsor from 1998-2004 and then Div. I titles from 2005-09.

No. 9 – 11 consecutive state titles

Tucson Catalina Foothills boys swimming: Nicole Penkalski coached team to 5A titles from 2000-04 and to the 4A-I title in 2005. Dale Payne coached team to 2006 4A-I title. R.J. Lundstrom guided team to 4A-I title from 2007-09 and to the Division II title in 2010.

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No. 10 – 10 consecutive state titles

Phoenix Xavier Prep girls swimming: Won 5A state titles from 1988-97. Eight of the title came under Gerry Seaquist and the other two came under Jeff Seaquist.

No. 10 – 10 consecutive state titles

Miami girls tennis: Cherry Roberds guided school to 3A titles from 1973-82.

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Xavier Prep has four entries on this list. Talk about a dominant athletic program.

The golf team once won 16 straight state titles and then pulled off 12 consecutive championships.

Xavier Prep’s swimming team once won 13 straight state titles and at another time took home 10 straight titles.

We think it’s safe to say that they have dynasties in those sports.

Same goes for all the other teams on this list, especially those two active streaks at the top.

When will Brophy and Hopi’s respective runs of consecutive state titles end?

To see a list of other Arizona high school sports dynasties, teams that won five or more consecutive state championships, click here.

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