Marvin Bagley III has not had a difficult time elevating his game in his first season of college basketball at Duke.

Could it elevate him to the top pick in the 2018 NBA draft?

The former Tempe Corona del Sol standout is a popular No. 1 in recent NBA mock drafts.

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Check out where those NBA mock drafts for 2018 have the Duke freshman going and what they are saying about him: Bagley goes No. 3 to Mavs

Jeremy Woo writes: “Bagley’s early-season production has matched the hype. He’s emerged as perhaps the best rebounder in college basketball and an athletic mismatch on the interior, dominating opponents despite his slim physique. Bagley’s high work rate and competitiveness haven’t been oversold, and his overall versatility and room for growth make him a third quality candidate at No. 1. His offensive skill set has a ways to go, but if his jumper comes around, the upside is significant. Whichever of the top three players falls here will make a team extremely happy.”

CBS Sports: Bagley goes to Bulls at No. 1

Gary Parrish writes: “The 6-11 freshman has proven to be both a great prospect and terrific player. Some are already calling him a “better version of Chris Bosh,” which suggests a future Hall of Famer, and I’m not here to argue. From the moment he reclassified, I figured Bagley would go first in the 2018 NBA Draft. And nothing that’s happened since has made me reconsider.” Bagley picked by Bulls at No. 1

It writes: “One of the top prospects of this generation and a truly special talent who just needs to stay hungry, Bagley jumps to the #1 spot in this draft. A transcendent talent.”

Daniel O’Brien writes: “It will be an exceptionally tough choice for the Bulls if they land the No. 1 spot. They would love to plug in a versatile ballhandler like Doncic who can score and create plays. But they also need help in the frontcourt, and Bagley’s explosiveness would bring a huge boost. Bagley’s two-way upside may tip the scales in his favor. He has loads of tangible potential as a scorer and multi-positional defender, and Doncic can’t really claim the latter. The Duke freshman must refine his ball skills and defensive fundamentals, but he’s made some phenomenal plays that point toward eventual stardom.”

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