Goodyear Police Department arrested a man suspected of using a stun gun on his 11-year-old son, after the Department of Child Safety notified police last week.

The situation was reported to DCS by officials at the child’s school, according to court records, which also say the child had been “struck with a martial arts stick.”

The Arizona Republic/ is not identifying him to protect the identity of the child.

Goodyear police said that during the investigation, the child told police that his father “tases him when he doesn’t do his homework,” adding that the last time it happened was “the worst time,” because his father used the stun device on him several times over several areas of his body.

A court record detailed additional incidents as well. The court record states that the child told police that his father would give him a choice of being “whooped” severely or having the stun gun used. He said he chose the stun gun.

Police said the father told police that he did not own a Taser or stun gun and that it was an application on his phone that he used to scare his son. However, the man’s older adult son, who was living in the home, told police that his father does own a stun gun and hides it in his bedroom.

The man later admitted to owning the device and using it on his son after he had been arrested to “show him what it feels like, so not to use it,” the police report reads.

The device, which court records said is a stun gun, was removed from the property after police located it in a vehicle at the home. A stun gun can be used to provide a jolt at close ranger. It differs from a Taser, which is fired from a distance and includes two prongs attached to wires that embed in a person’s skin to deliver a shock.

The man was arrested on April 21 on suspicion of child abuse and aggravated assault, court records said. He was released on his own recognizance, according to court records. His next court hearing is scheduled in early May.

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