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The live-in boyfriend of a north Phoenix mother of two young girls who disappeared nearly two weeks ago is considered a “person of interest” in the case, the Phoenix Police Department said Tuesday.

Christine Mustafa, 34, disappeared on the night of May 10 or early May 11, according to family and friends.

“Christine Mustafa’s boyfriend is obviously a person of interest in the fact that he and Christine  lived together and her disappearance seems suspicious,” said Phoenix police Sgt. Alan Pfohl.

Although Mustafa’s boyfriend has been interviewed by police, he was not considered a suspect in the case Tuesday night, Pfohl said.

Police haven’t released the boyfriend’s name.

Pfohl said Mustafa’s boyfriend was “one of many people interviewed by police” in the woman’s disappearance.

A search warrant has been served in the case but was sealed Tuesday night, Pfohl said. He did not provide additional details about the warrant.

Family and friends said Mustafa failed to show up to work at Walgreens, which they said was unusual for her. 

Mustafa’s keys, cellphone and purse were all left behind after she disappeared, police said. 

“She never misses work unless it’s extremely serious,”  Beka Sue, Mustafa’s sister, told The Arizona Republic last week.

Mustafa’s family described her as a hardworking and dedicated mother who wouldn’t abandon her children.

“She just wouldn’t leave her 8-month-old behind or other daughter unattended. … That greatly concerns us,” Sue said.

The 8-month-old was with her father, Mustafa’s live-in boyfriend, at the couple’s home when Mustafa disappeared, family members previously told The Republic. Mustafa’s 15-year-old daughter was overseas with her father visiting family. 

Phoenix police said they have a missing-person’s case for Mustafa that they are actively working.

Anyone with information about Mustafa’s location or disappearance is encouraged to contact the Phoenix Police Department at 602-262-6151. Callers may remain anonymous if they would like, Pfohl said.

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