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The latest FBI report ranks Arizona No. 9 in the nation for internet money losses in 2015.

Arizona ranked No. 9  in the nation for money lost from cybercrimes in 2015, according to a report compiled by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. 

Arizonans lost $8.9 million from  those internet crimes, according to the report. The data for 2015 is the most recent available.

Among the report’s finding:

  • Arizona ranked 15th in the nation for number of reports, with 5,770 victims and 2.41 percent of the nation’s internet scam reports. 
  • Most of the money lost by Arizona residents, $4.5 million, involved online romance fraud. Those age 60 and above lost a combined $7.1 million, the most of any age group.   
  • California finished  No. 1 in money lost, with $98.6 million, followed by Florida ($58 million) and Texas ($38.2 million).
  • Arizona fell between New Jersey (No. 8, $10.3 million) and New Hampshire (No. 10, $8.7 million) in total money lost.
  • In total, people across the country lost $1.07 billion due to internet crimes, with men aged 50 to 59 losing the most money of any age or gender, $171.9 million.    
  • The category that took the biggest online crime hit in the nation involved business wire-transfer payments and businesses working with foreign suppliers. They accounted for $246.2 million.
  • Romance fraud accumulated the second-most lost money with $203.4 million.
  • Non-payment or non-shipment of online goods accounted for the third-most amount of money lost, with $121.3 million, but involved 67,375 victims, the most of any online scam.      


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In 2014, Arizona lost the fifth-most amount of money with $25 million. The state accounted for 2.45 percent of victims nationally that year, according to the report.

The ICCC began compiling its annual reports with data for 2010.

The FBI works with the National White Collar Crime Center on compiling and investigating the complaints.


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