Supporters of President Trump marched to the Capitol from downtown Phoenix Saturday afternoon, expressing support for law enforcement and the military along the way. Ben Moffat/

Arizonans joined marchers around the country celebrating President Trump at various Make American Great Again marches Saturday.

About 250 people marched just over a mile Saturday from Cesar Chavez Plaza in downtown Phoenix to the state Capitol. Many held American flags or signs and wore red, white and blue to show support for the Trump Administration, the military and law enforcement.

Once at the Capitol, Joanne Selena Lopez said she was excited to be participating in the march after driving more than an hour and a half from Peeples Valley.

“I believe in everything Trump stands for,” she said, as car drove by and honked in support.

Tamela Hyatt said she’d driven from Yuma.

“I show up to Trump events to put a human face to it,” she said. “President Trump was elected and we as a society need to support our president.”


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Across the street from the Make America Great Again March group, about two dozen protesters stood silently watching. Many had their faces covered and carried guns.

Hugh Hughes, 55, a Trump supporter, noted the contrast between the Trump supporters and the protesters.

“They’re covering their face and have weapons,” he said. “Nobody here is covering their face in the hot sun and nobody here has a weapon.”

Protesters included members of the Brown Berets, Anti-Fascist Action Phoenix and John Brown Gun Club.

Tony Sly, a member of Anti-Fascist Action Phoenix, said many protesters covered their faces for safety reasons.

“Some of us have jobs that we are trying to keep, some of us have families that we are trying to keep safe,” Sly said.

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