An Arizona couple found a 1963 wedding album in the kitchen ceiling of a Florida home they were renovating.

Megan and Bobby Kapsidis of Sierra Vista were helping Bobby’s parents with their house.  As he tore apart the kitchen ceiling, several items fell, including a wedding album and an invitation with the names of the bride and groom.

Megan Kapsidis did not expect a national response when she posted the photos of Joseph and Marguerite Gargiulo on Facebook in an effort to find the people in the pictures or someone who knows them.

“It was a response from America,” she said. “I’ve had thousands of people message me. It’s been unreal.”

The original Facebook post was shared more than 150 times, and people all over the country were messaging Kapsidis with Facebook profiles they thought might be the right Marguerite Gargiulo.

Kapsidis said she may have found the woman in the wedding photos. After looking through property records and ancestry searches, Kapsidis thinks Gargiulo lives in Florida.

Joseph Gargiulo, however, has passed away, according to Kapsidis.

She plans to follow up this week and hopefully return the album to its rightful owner, having reached out to people who may know Marguerite Gargiulo.

The Kapsidises are nearing their fifth wedding anniversary.

Megan Kapsidis said all of her family members have copies of her wedding day photos, but things were different more than 50 years ago.

“In 1963, they didn’t have digital cameras,” she said. “The only memories they have is that book, and if that book is lost, so are their memories.”


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