People sound off on the billboard that depicts President Donald Trump and Nazi-like symbols in Phoenix. Hannah Gaber/

A controversial billboard in downtown Phoenix criticizing President Donald Trump has been vandalized.

It appears as if someone with a paintball gun used the billboard for target practice. Dozens of bright blue splotches now cover the two symbols of dollar signs imitating Nazi swastikas flanking mushroom clouds depicting a clown’s face and an image of Trump.

The billboard, created by Santa Monica, Calif., artist and activist Karen Fiorito, went up near Grand Avenue and Taylor Street in downtown Phoenix on March 17 and immediately drew worldwide attention.

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Beatrice Moore of La Melgosa LLC, which owns the billboard and commissioned Fiorito for the work, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Michelle Meyer, who works nearby, said Wednesday that the billboard was vandalized twice within a week. A Phoenix Police Department representative said they have not received any reports of vandalism.

“I would guess it was the same person,” Meyer said. “We don’t know because we weren’t here when it happened.”

She said some people come into Eleventh Monk3y Industries expressing that the billboard is in bad taste, but 95 percent of the comments they receive are positive.

“It’s art, it’s arbitrary, it’s a symbol,” Meyer said. “It draws that connection but that’s on the individual who’s making that connection.”

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